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Landscape design is an area that involves a variety of products for public spaces developed by Ackerstein. The company has years of experience in the field, innovative developments & thousands of projects that are testimony to this.

Ackerstein provides comprehensive landscaping solutions & offers a basket of solutions for each stage of design - from interlocking paving stones, tiles, stairs, copings & seats to street furniture, to cladding & an abundance of materials & textures, all of which demonstrate our ability to meet & listen to the needs & desires of our customers.

The History of Flooring  

Ackerstein has been involved in landscape design in Israel for 40 years. Its touch is imprinted on the first streets in the country which were made with 45 x 45 cm tiles, curb & garden stones, & other complementary products until the 1960s.
At the beginning of the 1970s, the company brought the concept of interlocking paving stones to Israel.
The company brought the concept of interlocking paving stones to Israel at the beginning of the 1970s
This field, which had been popular in Europe for many years, was new to Israel & required substantial efforts in terms of marketing & engineering. Ackerstein rose to the challenge. It developed the knowledge, designed & installing interlocking paving stones in Israel, investing in & helping with academic research on the subject & maintaining regular contacts with leading institutions around the world. The result: Israel achieved international recognition in the use of interlocking paving stones.
Ackerstein has a large team of engineers & architects that provides professional support to all engineers & architects involved in landscape design.

Engineering-Architecture Department

This is a professional department with a support engineering & architectural team. Its expertise is the result of years of experience in finding solutions & adapting products to the needs & vision of every project, using available technology & Ackerstein's knowledge. This enables the company to offer products of exceptionally high quality & esthetics.