With more than 80 years of experience, Ackerstein provides unique solutions for complex & extraordinary projects - above & underground - with uncompromising quality. The company's wide range of products enables us to respond to special design & architectural requirements & to execute the most ambitious & large-scale projects & enterprises.

Headed by Giora Ackerstein, Ackerstein Industries Ltd. is based in Israel & active in the local market. The company also fully owns Ackerstone in the United States, which operates  plants in California & Arizona.
Established in 1925 by Zvi Ackerstein (of blessed memory), Ackerstein began its operation in the southern sands of Tel Aviv. The small workshop helped pave the developing streets of the city. Throughout the years, & with the company’s growth, Zvi Ackerstein established the first factory in Hertzlia in the 1950s.

In the 1970s, the company stormed the market with a new revolutionary product - interlocking paving stones. These stones, which became an Israeli trademark, can be found under our feet all around the country.
In 1982, the first street in Israel was paved with interlocking paving stones. This was the “Ani Ma-amin” (I believe) street in Ramat Hasharon. This represented a revolution in the Israeli construction sector, making Ackerstein a pioneer of brick roads. In fact, it was Ackerstein that first coined the term “midrachov” (pedestrian street / or "Holland street" ). Throughout the years, the company continued to grow & develop, established new factories & continued supplying more new products.

In 1987, the plant in Ashdod was established, which specializes in the manufacture of calcium-silicate stones & bricks, another innovative Ackerstein product that made waves in the Israeli construction market.

In the 1990s, the company expanded to other areas, including jacking pipes & underground infrastructures, &
 established its first plant in the United States. Ackerstein today has three factories in Israel - from Yerucham in the south, through Ashdod in the center to Rosh Pina in the north. This distribution enables the company to provide rapid & quality service to its customers while focusing on short response times & the highest possible level of service. Ackerstein has over 500 employees, among them engineers, architects, accountants & economists, marketing & R&D personnel, & many more.

All manufacturing processes are automated & meet the highest standards. The company complies with the requirements of the standards of the Standards Institution of Israel & other international institutions. Ackerstein invests many resources in R&D to constantly improve its products, lead breakthroughs in the construction field, & maintain its extraordinary quality while caring for & maintaining the environment.

The thought & research & development behind each of our products is what makes us leaders in the construction field. Our ability to convert concrete into extraordinary innovation. Our aptitude to find solutions for the impossible. This is our way.

Today, the company specializes in six main areas:

•    Civil engineering & infrastructure
•    Landscape Design
•    Acoustic & retaining walls
•    Silicat
•    Architectural concrete
•    Roof tiles